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- Each member should have at least two accounts on the message boards: an OoG account with your real name and an IG account with your character name. For example: if a player named Jack Johnson was playing a character named Joe, he would create two accounts, one with the name Jack J. and the other for Joe.

- Once you have created your accounts, you will be granted access. Post to the Support forum below Policies with your OoG account and reply to that thread with your IG account(s). The message board admin will check to make sure you're a real person before granting your accounts appropriate access. IG accounts for new characters (those who have not appeared at an event yet) will only be given access if Plot has approved the character.

- If you belong to a multi-player household, please take the time to ensure you post under your own account.

- Avatars are the little images that appear next to your post. The size restriction is 130x130. If you have an avatar greater than this you must scale it back to these dimensions. Failure to do so will result in the avatar being deleted on the first offence. Second offence will result in the deletion of your avatar and removal of avatar priveleges. Please use common sense and good taste when selecting your avatar.

- Signatures must be limited to text based only. Picture signatures are not allowed as they can be distracting and always take up too much screen space.


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