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- Please keep posts “work safe”. This includes language, sexual and violent actions, images, etc.

- Each forum has a distinct purpose. Ensure you are posting to an appropriate forum. If you do not have permission to post in the appropriate forum, Renato or Plot can post it for you.


- Never post the same message in two forums.

- All rules questions should be sent directly to Renato. He will respond to them on the Clarifications forum and, if necessary, update the rulebook.

- Try and ensure that any information you request is not available from other sources (i.e. another thread, the rulebook, etc).

- Try to stay constructive during discussions. Explain why you disagree or offer alternatives.

- Comments that involve any sort of harassment, racism, sexism, threats, and/or flaming will not be tolerated under any circumstances. Any posts which contain a personal attack will be deleted and a warning will be issued to the poster.

- Cross posting is not permitted. Please post only in one Forum when you are making a post. When cross posting happens, one of the posts will be deleted at the discretion of the forum administrators.


-It is assumed that everything written in an IG forum is IN GAME unless it is surrounded by the following.
{{OoG: Stuff.}}
This will make it clear to all involved that your stuff is OoG.

-Each thread on the in-game boards represents a distinct time and place. These should be defined at the top of the first post on the thread in the format {{OoG: Outside Joe's farm, early in the morning of April 1st.}} Be as specific as possible in define where and when the thread takes place. A time described as 'Around now' or 'Maybe some time after that thing' is not specific enough. A reference to another thread is also not sufficient. Saying {{OoG: This thread occurs after the "Killing All The Farmers" thread.}} does not tell anyone who hasn't read that thread when or where it is taking place. A better description would be: {{OoG: In the morning, the day after the April event. Outside Joe's farm just after the people from the "Killing All The Farmers" thread emerge.}}

- You cannot take aggressive action (including hugs) against another character without the player’s permission (or, in the case of an NPC, without Plot's permission). This permission MUST be obtained OoG.

- If you give something to a player on the boards (metal, potions, etc.) the player has the right to ask you for the item before the next game. If you use something on the boards you are expected to turn it into logistics before receiving your character sheet for the next game.

- If you play more than one character, they cannot interact on the boards. They can both talk to other players on different threads but should in no way interact with one another.

- All OOG talk should be kept to a minimum and should be in the previously discussed format.

- Use in-game descriptions to for your actions.

- Do not script another player's responses to your actions. Phrase your posts to allow another player to react in whatever way they feel is appropriate for their character.

- Remember that time is hard to keep track of on the boards. Avoid jumping back and forth between threads as this may impose a time-line not intended by the others on the thread.

- Your character cannot be in all places at all times. Players are expected to show some good judgment in how many currently active threads their character is participating in.

- If you cannot do it during the live game, then you should not do it on the boards.


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